Cash Flow Planning and Cash Management Service

What is Cashflow planning?

Simply put, we use sophisticated financial software to map out your potential financial future.

Together with the use of specialist software, we combine an understanding of your current financial assets with your own views on, for example, how much investment risk you want to take and any specific goals you want to achieve to create a personalised plan.

The planning process will help you to better understand the long term implications of actions taken, allowing you to compare various different scenarios, and empowering you to make key decisions.  For example, a Cashflow plan can help to address questions such as, “When can I afford to retire and what would happen if I brought this forward?”, “How much can I afford to gift to my children without it impacting on my lifestyle in the long term?”, and “Can I afford the cost of private education for my children, and what impact will this have on my finances?”.

Most plans are intended to be regularly updated, meaning that over time they can be refreshed to take into account changes in your circumstances, goals, legislation and the investment returns achieved.

What is our Cash Management service?

The Cash Management service is designed to help you receive the best returns for sums of cash on deposit.

Our service draws on a constantly updated database of deposit rates from across the spectrum of UK-regulated institutions.

We can screen deposit rates according to a variety of factors, including liquidity requirements, financial strength and Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) limits to create a personalised portfolio to suit your specific requirements.

We can then notify you if interest rates change or when your fixed term deposits mature, enabling you to continue benefitting from the best interest rates on the market.

If you are interested in either or both of these services please get in touch with us.