Our Fee Protection service protects you and your business from the costs of HMRC investigation and allows you to focus on your time and energy on growing your business.

HMRC’s latest report revealed that in 2016-17 they generated, a record, £8.3 Billion in compliance yield revenue as result of activity with SMEs.

Small companies made up over half of this figure with £5 Billion generated from compliance activity into their affairs. Mid-size business customers fared little better with HMRC pulling in £3.3 Billion from companies throughout the UK.

Private individuals did not escape HMRC’s every increasing reach with £3.5 Billion generated in compliance yield in the last financial year.

HMRC’s sophisticated Connect software is helping deliver greater results every year for the Revenue and 2016-17 was no different. Investigations by HMRC into your tax returns can be time consuming and expensive.

Hamlyns operates a Fee Protection policy which, for an annual fee, protects you against the costs of an investigation and allows you to focus on you and your business.

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